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How System encourages petty criminals to turn gangsters

This is a very common feature in Indian jails. People who do not know the ropes of jail life or people who are petty offenders find the going very rough. They find it so frustrating that they give in to the demand from organized crime syndicates to join them. A glaring instance in recent times is that of a girl who was jailed in a check bouncing/forgery case. She was not having any contacts nor was she a hardened criminal.

Tale of Leondard Valdaris, aggrieved father of police torture victim

In April this year, Leonard Valdaris lost his 24-year-old son Agnello to custodial torture and death. The tale was horrific. But there is a prelude to the story. Leonard was no new entrant to police stations. He was a social activist who was fighting for the just cause in several instances. In all these instances, he had sought recourse from the police for the hapless victims. As a BPT worker, he used to take up cudgels with money-lenders who deprived

Indian intelligence gathering network: By Venkatesh Raghavan

If you recall properly, there was a mystery surrounding Yaqoob Memon, the 1993 bomb-blast accused’s surrender to the Indian authorities. While there were claims that he was nabbed across the Nepal border and brought home to the Indian police officers, the newspapers stated that he was found outside Delhi Railway station. Exactly how this surrender took place or what happened behind the scenes has not come out in the form of white paper. But the buzz was that Yaqoob was