About US

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We promise to take on the system and better it:

We are a group of professional journalists who have adequate exposure to the prevailing system in the spheres of crime, law enforcement, politics, administration and the judiciary. Our prime motive behind this mission is to challenge the system head on and push for reforms wherever necessary to ensure that no culprit, however highly placed, or powerful, escapes the long arms of the law.

We have with us a team which has more than a century of experience between us in our respective fields. We aim to focus on the various scams and corruption related issues which sometimes peter out due to attrition from the public eye. It’s said that the law is like a spider’s web. It traps the small insects but leaves the bigger animals unharmed. We plan to change this state of affairs.

Any corruption related issue or harassment issue, be it economic or sexual, you can approach us to highlight your problem and lend you a voice through the fourth estate that happens to be the most important pillar of democracy.

Our professionals are down-to-earth and available to you at short notice to highlight or accentuate problems the common man faces day in and day out at the hands of civic authorities or the state government or the central government as the case might be.

In course of time, we plan to span across the country and have a pan Indian presence. If you wish you could give us a tinkle and learn more.

We will be giving exhaustive coverage in our Web columns to all kinds of scams that occur across the country. Size is no inhibition for us. Big or small, we report it all!